There is so much more to Fuerteventura than sun and beaches:

Fertile oases surrounded by volcanic landscapes: sweeping canyons leading to far off coast lines; ship wrecks, mysterious houses, steeped in legend, and all around you historical reminders of ancient cultures...in short: all those remote places and hidden secrets you would never get to see on a conventional island tour.

 We take you there, in comfortable cars, small groups of no more than 8 persons, under the well informed supervison of professional tourguides – since 1999.

 Discover all by yourself an island that once used to be the granary of the canarian archipelago, and take something home with you that is much more precious than any ordinary souvenir: living memory – your personal treasure. 

Of course we can organize individual tours for you. 



Panorama – Tour

 Volcanic crater, Pajara, Vega de Rio Palma, Betancuria (Casa Santa Maria, goat farm...), Morro Velosa`s viewpoint, Pozo Negro (antique village), Las Playitas (lighthouse) and more.    

Incl.canarian lunch..

Land &People Tour

Typical villages: Tuineje, Tiscamanita, fishing villages: Las Playitas, Pozo Negro, Ajuy...,plantationes:tomatoes, bananas, Aloe Vera, antique villages, light house La Entallada and more.

Incl. canarian lunch. 

 € 50,-

Fuerteventura pure

 Dunes of Corralejo, El Cotillo, La Oliva, Mirador de Tababaire (Vallebrón) Tefia, Betancuria,Vega de Rio Palma, La Pared, and more.

Incl. canarian lunch. 

€ 75,-

The Heart of Fuerteventura

La Pared, Ajuy, Ermita de la Peña, Pajara, Betancuria, Vega de Rio Palma, Antigua, goat farm, and more

 Incl. canarian lunch

 € 50,-

Fuerteventura pura



SATURDAY The Heart of Fuerteventura

>> Thursday

€ 50,-
SUNDAY Trekking

Starting October


Cofete – Tour

Lighthouse La Entallada, Las Playitas, American Star ship wreck, La Pared, Cofete,visit Villa Winter, & more.

(no food incl.)

€ 85,-